Traditional Mead from Cornwall

A glass of good mead is still one of the bee-keeper’s best kept secrets! Ninemaidens Mead is a Traditional Mead from Cornwall, made from fermented honey, following tried and tested recipes. Ninemaidens Mead have combined a wealth of experience in the field of honey production with a longstanding family tradition of brewing country wines to bring you a drink of the highest quality.

Our range of quality Cornish Meads is carefully made with the finest Genuine Cornish Honey available –  a selection of the best locally sourced ingredients are then added during the brewing process, helping to achieve the full and balanced flavours found in our fine products. A versatile drink, mead is the perfect aperitif, can be drunk as a sherry or as a dessert wine would.

It can be served with equal appeal either at room temperature, chilled with ice in the summer, even warmed, mulled or added to a spicy punch in the winter!

Truly a drink for all seasons. Check out our online shop or see our stockists list to discover where to purchase it. We also welcome wholesale trade enquiries – contact us for further details.

A Glossary of Mead terms

  • Bracket (Braggot) – An old Scandinavian drink made from malted grain and honey; a cross between mead & beer.
  • Caudle – A type of punch made from (brown) ale, honey and ground oatmeal. This was often served warm as a ‘night-cap’ & said to alleviate insomnia.
  • Cyser – Apples & honey fermented together to a greater potency than the sum of its parts. A drink favoured by the early Christian church – a by-product of bees wax candles no doubt!
  • Hippocras – A wine made from fermented grape juice & honey to which medicinal herbs are added, which also provide flavour & bouquet. Can be drunk hot or cold.
  • Honeymoon – The month long period, following a wedding during which mead is traditionally drunk! Place you order now!
  • Melomel -Mead with fruit added during the fermentation process often referred to in royal & religious journals. The addition of fruit extends the life of the mead.
  • Metheglin – Spiced mead; the added ingredients can be added either during or after the brewing process. The name is derived from the Welsh word for medicine; ‘Medclyglin’.
  • Pyment – Medieval brew concoction of grape juice, spices, syrups & honey. There are records of similar wines ‘fortified’ by the ancient Greeks & Romans using honey in this way.


“You can get good commercial meads, from producers such as the excellently named Ninemaidens Mead of Cornwall…”
Andrew Marr – BBC Political Correspondent writing in ‘Esquire’ magazine

Honey is poured into the brewing tubs

Yeast added & air-locks securely in place

Slowly the mead ferments

Rinsed and ready to be filled

The mead is carefully bottled

Our labels add the final touch