Ninemaidens range of quality Traditional Mead from Cornwall is carefully made with the finest Genuine Cornish Honey. Our hives are situated across West Cornwall, from the verdant farmland of Truro district, across the aromatic heathland of Kerrier and down to the sheltered meadows of southern Penwith.

A selection of the best ingredients, including locally sourced fruit, is then added during the brewing process, helping to achieve the full and balanced flavours found in our fine products. Wherever possible, as part of our ethical trading policy, all Ninemaidens ingredients are sourced as locally as we can get them.

Several of our apiaries are situated on organically managed land and some are sited in areas belonging to groups dedicated to conservation.

Carefully overseen production permits attention to every detail, from hive to bottle, ensuring that each glass retains the delicate bouquets of our native flora.

Presented in an elegant, clear glass 50cl cork stoppered wine bottle, each variety bears the ancient Cornish Stannary (tin trade) symbol of purity, the Lamb and Flag, on its label.

Our provenance is overseen and guaranteed through our membership of Cornwall Council Trading Standards ‘Made In Cornwall‘ Scheme. The scheme showcases the best of Cornish-made products and provides a hallmark to identify their approved origins.